The One Thing No One Tells You About Listing Your Home

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While making a profit off the sale of your home is important, a great deal of preparation goes into selling the property.


Preparing your home

Home InteriorThere is often less paperwork to sign when you go to sell your home than when you are purchasing the home. People can also expect to collect a sizeable proceeds check when the deal is done. What people do not tell you about listing your home, however, is that it can be an involved and complicated process that requires a team of professionals to get the deal done.

From your real estate agent to your financial advisor, there is paperwork and behind-the-scenes magic that occurs to get your home sold. While the paperwork is usually done at the end of the transaction, when you go to list your home, there is plenty to be done before posting the advertisement online that can directly affect your selling experience. Especially in luxury real estate, you will want to ensure that the quality of your listing matches the quality of the property.

Fuzzy photographs with bad lighting are unappealing to homebuyers, and with most people making their decision in a split second, your listing should be as attractive as your home. Sometimes things go awry when you are close to closing a deal that will be out of your control. While each situation will be different, there are some universal truths to selling property in Florida.


Research and patience

As you prepare the house for the market, you will want to research your home so that you can understand what you are trying to sell. Consider getting a pre-listing inspection and appraisal. If something is wrong with the home, you will want to know that sooner rather than later. Fixing something before the potential buyers have their inspection can save you money in the long run.

You will also want to be confident about your home’s appraised value, which will help you discern any less-than-favorable offers. You should accurately price your home so that you are not scaring away serious buyers or missing out on earning more profits. These preliminary examinations of your home can help you direct the sale moving forward since you have already checked the areas within your control that could potentially prolong the sale.

Researching the real estate market before making any decisions can be empowering when you go to sell or buy so that you know you are in an excellent position to do so. Having all your questions answered before the home is listed can reduce stress later.


Sometimes the deal falls through

When you sell, you are trying to attract an eligible buyer. Most buyers require financing to purchase, so there are extra hurdles the buyer will have to jump through to close the deal. As the seller, you can hope that the buyer is qualified or have the good fortune to attract a cash buyer who wants to close quickly. Understanding that this is sometimes part of the process will help you manage your expectations and prepare for an unforeseen and often unavoidable bump in the road.

Make sure you surround yourself with a team of professionals early on in your real estate journey to ensure you are given expert advice at every turn. You will want to protect your interests when entering any contract, including your purchase and sale agreement. Your agent should help you understand the terms of the sale and negotiate on your behalf.


Hire a reliable agent

David W. RobertsWhen listing your house, real estate agents have the resources and know-how to sell your home quickly and competitively. While your agent must inform you of every offer you receive, they can also let you know when someone is lowballing you. Agents who deal with real estate daily see what homes are selling for and often have a keen sense of a home’s worth. You should be informed and confident at every transaction stage, and your real estate agent should play a big part in that, representing you throughout the deal. The Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club broker of choice for over 35 years is David W. Roberts

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